Sculpture Collection

About The Sculptures

Making sculpture is rewarding and physically demanding. There are many stages in the process. It usually starts with sketch ideas, often no more than scribbles. These drawings are prompts for promising potential. It is as if I am carving the paper with the pencil, feeling and familiarising my way around the form.

Once the idea is resolved on paper, it is translated into 3-D either as a stone carving or a plaster or clay model. Modelling starts with a wire armature secured on to a stable base. This armature is the skeleton of the sculpture onto which gauze is wrapped, then layers of plaster or clay are applied until the desired shape is achieved. The details are then refined, the lines sharpened and any bumps or imperfections removed. Finally the surface is sanded until it is flawless and smooth to touch.

The finished plaster sculpture then goes to a foundry where a bronze cast is created using the Lost Wax Method. This is an ancient and highly skilled process. Limited edition bronzes can later be cast from this mould.

The totems are made of clay, each one is unique. Every element is glazed and fired then threaded on to a steel rod which is staked into the ground.

If you would like to purchase a sculpture or have a commission request, please contact Sue.

ceramics image