Semi Precious Stones - Short Necklace sets

1. Turquoise Set

Turquoise, Silver & Carnelian

2. Turquoise Set

Nevada Turquoise & Hematite

3. Chrosocolla Set

Chrosocolla & Silver

4. Turquoise Set

Chinese Turquoise, Agate & Hematite

5. Labradorite Set


6. Carnelian Set

Carnelian & Hematite

7. Agate Set

Agate & Hematite

8. Agate Set

Agate & Hematite

9. Agate Crystal Set

Agate & Crystal

10. Jasper Set


11. Agate Group of 2

Agate & Magnesite

12. Hematite Set

Hematite & Silver

13. Jasper Set

Jasper & Garnet

14. Jasper Set

Agate & Jasper

15. Agate Set

Agate & Onyx

16. Onyx Crystal Set

Onyx, Crystal, Smokey Quartz Crystal & Silver

17. Onyx Quartz Set

Onyx, Carnelian & Smokey Quartz

18. Onyx Set

Onyx, Hematite

19. Smokey Quartz Crystal Set

Smokey Quartz Crystal, Garnet & Silver

20. Smokey Quartz Crystal Set

Smokey Quartz, Crystal & Garnet

21. Smokey Quartz Crystal Set

Smokey Quartz Crystal, Garnet & Silver

22. Fluorite Set


23. Amethyst Set

Amethyst & Silver

24. Amethyst Set


About The Short Necklaces

The design and style of every necklace is determined by the colour, shape, size and weight of the stones. No two are alike. There are certain combinations of stones that always look good together, like crystal and onyx, turquoise and silver. Hematite discs make excellent spacers that complement most stones. I use magnetic clasps or sterling silver “S” loops that hook into sterling silver rings.

Prices depend on the type, rarity, size and number of stones and silver used.

If you would like to purchase or commission a necklace set, please contact Sue.