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8. Long Necklace Group of 3

Made to be worn together or as individual pieces.

Left: Dyed Smooth Lava Stone, Faceted Amethyst & Quartz Crystal Nuggets. Approximately 126 long.

Middle: Dyed Smooth Lava Stone, Rough Amethyst & Rhodonite Nuggets with Electroplated Hematite spacers. Approximately 122cm long.

Right: Dyed Smooth Lava Stone and Faceted Amethyst Nuggets. Approximately 118cm long.

All threaded on nylon-coated 19-strand stainless steel wire with silver crimp fastenings.

Matching earrings are available.

Earrings: Rough Amethyst Nuggets, Dyed Smooth Lava Stone & Electroplated Hematite spacers.