Semi Precious Stones - Long Necklace sets

1. Necklace Set

Lava, Crystal & Pyrite

2. Necklace Group of 3

Crystal, Onyx & Pyrite

3. Necklace Set

Lava, Crystal & Silver

4. Necklace Group of 3

Lava, Crystal, Obsidian & Pyrite

5. Necklace Group of 9

Crystal, Agate & Pyrite

6. Necklace Group of 3

Lava, Obsidian, Crystal & Pyrite

7. Necklace Set

Lava, Amber Wood

8. Necklace Group of 3

Lava, Amethyst, Quartz Crystal & Rhodonite

9. Necklace Set

Pearl, Smokey Quartz Crystal, Electroplated Quartz Crystal

10. Necklace Group of 5

Onyx, Agate, Quartz Crystal With Tassels

11. Necklace Group of 6

Mixed Stones With Tassels

12. Necklace Group of 4

Mixed Stones With Tassels

About The Long Necklaces

Apart from the leather cord selection, every necklace is threaded on to nylon coated 19-strand stainless steel wire and securely tied with a double silver crimp. I handmake the tassels from silk or cotton thread, each one is customised according to the stones and necklace design. All the earrings have sterling silver wires that can be changed to clips if required.

Prices depend on the type, rarity, size and number of stones and silver used.

If you would like to purchase or commission a necklace set, please contact Sue.