Antique Ethnic Silver

1. Necklace Set

Silver & Carnelian

2. Necklace Set

Red Coral & Silver

3. Necklace Set

Sponge Coral & Silver

4. Necklace Set

Mixed Stones & Silver

5. Necklace Set

Turquoise & Silver

6. Necklace Set

Turquoise, Sea-bamboo & Silver

7. Necklace Group of 2

Mixed Stones & Silver Amulets

8. Necklace Group of 4

Mixed Stones & Silver Amulets

9. Necklace Group of 2

Mixed Stones & Silver Amulets

About The Antique Ethnic Necklaces

Each one of my brightly coloured necklace sets are unique. I use antique silver amulets, beads, charms and semi precious stones. The three-strand necklaces are complicated to make. All the elements have to be balanced and matched so they hang correctly. My single-strand necklaces are made as a counting meditation, the charms and stones chosen intuitively.

Prices depend on the type, rarity, size and number of stones and silver used.

If you would like to purchase or commission a necklace set, please contact Sue.