Wave Series

1. Platter

2. Bowls Group of 4

3. Nest of Bowls

4. Bowls Group of 9

5. Red Dish

6. Bowls Group of 3

7. Bowls Group of 3

8. Bowls Group of 4

9. White Dish

10. Salad Servers

11. Spoons Rests

12. Bronze Bowl

About The Wave Series

Inspiration is everywhere, the age-rings in trees, wave ripple marks in the sand, or simple graceful curves. My sketch pad is full of doodles and drawings that will occasionally translate onto my ceramics. This is how my Wave Series evolved.

Prices range from £20 from the smallest dish to £275 for the largest platter.

If you would like to purchase any ceramics or have a commission request, please contact Sue.