Artware Collections

1. Bowls Group of 9

2. Bowls Group of 3

3. Bowls Group of 7

4. Ceramic Dish

5. Ceramic Dish

6. Ceramic Dish

7. Platter

8. Platter Group of 3

9. Platter 2

10. Large Vase

11. Vases Group of 6

12. Mini Vases Group of 3

13. Orange & Yellow Bowl

14. Arizona Group of 4

15. Orange & Black Bowl

About The Artware Ceramics

Each piece of artware, from small to large, takes weeks to create. When first made, they are set aside to dry before the first bisque firing. If the clay is not completely dry, the dishes can crack or explode in the kiln. Next I use underglazes to decorate the bisque ware, painting bright lines, shapes and symbols at least two or three times so the colours are even. A final two coats of lead-free, food-safe glaze are applied before firing for a second time at a temperature of 1220 degrees.

Prices start from £25 for the small bowls, to £250 for the larger dishes and platters.

If you would like to purchase any ceramics or have a commission request, please contact Sue.