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About The Ceramics

My ceramics are made from either stoneware, premium crank, or paper clay. Stoneware is more durable and chip-resistant than earthenware or porcelain, and ideal for dinnerware and dishes. The glazes are lead-free and food-safe. Although they are high-fired, I recommend these ceramics are washed by hand and not put in the dishwasher. Crank is a coarser grogged clay which retains its plasticity so is ideal for slab work and sculpture. My Totems are made from premium crank because it is robust and weatherproof when glazed. Paper clay is mixed with cellulose fibre, making it strong, yet lightweight. I use it for making finer-detailed sculpture and crack repairs.

Pricing depends on the size, material, manufacture, and complexity of each design.

If you would like to purchase any ceramics or have a commission request, please contact Sue.

Ceramics image
Ceramics image